Spring 2019

Note: You can just show up to the classes, you don’t need to sign up. Price information here.

Spring 2019 Program:

Couple salsa (advancing beginners), rueda & social dancing

Time: Thursdays 10.1.-25.4.
Place: Las Palmas, Koskikatu 5-7, Joensuu
19.00-20.00 Advancing beginner’s couple salsa (membership and season fee required OR a single class payment on the spot)
– This course started in September 2018. Partners will be switched during classes, so everybody gets to dance. Wear comfortable clothes and socks/indoor shoes.

20.00-20.30 Basics of rueda (membership fee required)
– Rueda is couple salsa in a circle. One of the group calls out the moves which are done simultaneously. Usually mistakes happen during rueda, which is only fun! Rueda is one of the most fun forms of social dancing. To dance rueda, basic salsa steps are needed.

20.30-22.00 Social dancing (members)
– Social dancing with latino rhythms! Salsa, bachata and kizomba.

Couple salsa, intermediate

Time: Mondays 14.1.-29.4.
Place: Gloria, Siltakatu 12, Joensuu
19-20 Couple salsa, intermediate level (season fee required / a single class payment on the spot)
– These classes are meant for dancers with at least one year of experience.

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