Autumn 2017

Thursdays @ Las Palmas

Salsa social 1-2, 19:00-20:00 (Begins at 5th of October)

Working with pairs. Lessons are designed for those attending beginners salsa lesson and more experienced dancers. We review the most practical turns in salsa, kizomba and bachata. Check the content of the lesson from the calendar below. Content of the lessons will be updated closer to the actual day. Instructed by Jouni.

Latino solo, 20:00-20:30 (Begins at 5th of October)

We start our salsa night with the best free solo class in town to get everyone smiling (no membership required)! Simple, clear but fun solo steps you shouldn’t miss! Focus of the lessons is in improving motor skills and styling. Lessons are designed for beginners and more experienced dancers. Instructed by Jouni.

Thursday’s Salsa Night, 20-22

Mostly salsa, kizomba & bachata, occasionally some other music also. Begins at Thursday 7th of September. Salsa del Este’s weekly open dance night. Life is good, and this is even free! 🙂

Begining from 5th of October Thursday’s salsa night starts from 20:30 until 22:30.

Fridays @ Vesikko Recreation Center

Salsa for beginners

Come and explore the basics of salsa! The class starts with the introduction of salsa rhythm, basic step and simple salsa moves. Previous dance experience is not needed.
Instructed by Eija