Couple Salsa – Beginner’s Intensive Course, October 21.-22. 2017

Salsa is the number one dance in any Latin party all over the world. This Cuban dance is a way to meet new people and to break a sweat without even noticing.

Come and learn the basics of couple salsa in one weekend!

This course is designed for beginners, so you don’t need any previous experience of salsa. In the course, you will get to know the rhythmics of salsa and learn the basic step and a few easy patterns.

Timetable of the course:

Saturday 21.10 at 12pm-3pm, instructed by Jouni Huovinen

Sunday 22.10 at 12pm-3pm, instructed by Eija Vatanen

The classes include a 15-minute lunch break.

The course is held in Joensuun Yhteiskoulun lukio.



€20 for members of Salsa del Este and students

€30 for others

If you wish, you can become a member during the course. The annual membership fee is €10.

Please, note:  You don’t need to bring a partner as partners will be changed during the classes.

Sign up through this form: Click to open the form


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