Salsa Social is here!


On Thursdays, the class will be instructed by a man who is familiar to many of our more experienced dancers in Joensuu:

“You never know where an innocent cup of coffee may lead you. That’s a good thing, as I’ve been thinking about a comeback to salsa for many years already. My repertoire of patterns has reduced to about five, but at least the imperium will strike back with the nicest group of people. This time there is no need to bring salsa to Joensuu, but we will be practicing together. While I’m revising, I’ll try to serve the dancers as well as possible, and I’m sure there will be loads of laughter. Thursday’s class, Salsa Social, is meant to be an additional practice session for the beginners in Friday’s class. Therefore, at least half of the class will be easy enough for everyone and no one needs to be afraid of losing track. There will be alternative variations for the more experienced dancers, and the last fifteen minutes will always serve their interests. It’s great to start dancing again, and I hope there will be many pleasant reunions on Thursday.”


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